Monday, March 14, 2011

We are meeting with our RFC on Thursday. Yay! I think that it was a blessing that we didn't get called until now because I am still working and it would just be too stressful worrying if we might get a call before I'm done.
We picked up some sheets for our crib, toddler bed, & twin bed today. We figured that we should at least have somewhere for them to sleep. We can get other stuff later when we get a call. Andrew and I took a nice little vacation this weekend. We spent some time just swimming, shopping, hiking, relaxing, & watching movies.
We watched "Waiting for Superman". A very sad and interesting documentary about the school system in the U.S. It is really sad how bad our school system is. I would recommend it to anyone. After we watched it, we looked up our school district information. Fortunately, we have a pretty good elementary school and our district seems to be pretty good. I'm still thinking that a little bit of homeschooling isn't the worst idea. We'll see I guess.