Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adoption Day!

We had a superhero party to celebrate D's adoption. It was really fun to have our friends and family come help us celebrate. Uncle Tyler made the great life-size superheroes, everyone loved getting their picture taken with them. We also had pinata's, it was so fun to see all the kids run and dive to get candy once they broke open...And no-one got smacked with the bat, so it was great.

Adoption Day!

We Adopted D on the 6th of December. It was such a great day. I didn't think that I would feel different, but I did. It was great! We are so grateful to have D in our family, it feels like he has always been here. D was really glad that Grandma could come.

Lights at Temple Square

Temple Square is so pretty. The lights were my favorite part about living down town. We went with Aunt Sara, Uncle Scott, Aunt Melanie, and Lyla. It was pretty cold but the kids were troopers.

Festival of Trees

We went to the Festival of trees with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sara, Aunt Melanie, and Lyla. It was really fun to see all the different trees. There we're A LOT of trees, it felt like it went on forever. Grandma did some fun projects with D, we had a great time.

D's first College Football Game

We took D to his First College Football Game. He loved it! Grandpa came with us, D loves Grandpa so much... He tells me all the time. : )


We went to Grandma's work to Trick-or-Treat! It was so much fun, and we got SO MUCH candy!!!


We had a great Halloween. D'marion was so excited to be spiderman, his favorite superhero, followed closely by all the rest.